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I guess I'm a SHOPAHOLIC!!!

Yesterday, me and my beffie went somewhere. 

We are going for a survey.

Survey for woman's blazer.

We found a few brands & shops that sale nice blazer.

Example: Seed, RM256. The Executive, RM218. V, RM218.
And some nice pumps; Vincci, RM99, RM79.90. Emilio Valentino, RM79.90. 

Then, I get myself a new wedges from Secret, RM79.90. But my beffie manage to get some discount, so, RM75 only.

Before we going home, I get myself one bottle of nail polish and nail strengthener from Elianto

RM5.50 for the nail polish and RM10 for the nail strengthener.

Still, I love spending money! And I love making money too!

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2 biji gula2:

Fliani said...

the nail polisher same color with mine :)

Emilly Amisa said...

really ar? :D hihi.. sky blue is so nice wor~

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