about SK Nite 2011

12-02-2011  is the nite of my 2nd year in uni to have faculty dinner :)

Souvenir :)
However, the souvenir is 90% similar to mine at home O.o

Anyway, this time at the Harbour View Hotel, Kch.
The theme is red, black and white. Those colours are my fav!

I wore simple white dress :3 while Aby wore white t-shirt and short...
we both are so simple :D but nice... haha

Anyway, everyone at the event was so GORGEOUS!!! And the nite was so fun!

Leng luis~~ :D

Best thing is, me and Aby joined the runaway. We then eat eat eat and eat hahaha!!! 
The food is quite nice :D

Some of the food :)

Me and my stud teddy necklace
Me and Aby
Me, Mei ying n juniors
with the Princess
Hee~ there are lots n lots more pictures that I'm too lazy to upload here... hehe :3

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