about *BLANK*

see the blue light? but black screen?
huhu... I don't know why but my laptop suddenly gone coma. X_X
(Acer Aspire 4551 - well, not very expensive to me, but still NOT CHEAP also!!!)

I've NEVER dropped it, spilled something on it or even do ANYTHING to 'harm' it!
It never show any problem, though last time I have its hard-drive change at the Acer centre due to the SHOP FAULT~ (only after a month of purchasing!) 

It's my bestfriend~ and now I'm lonely!!! 
(at the moment I'm typing this, I borrow my boyfie's laptop)

Last that I remembered turning it on is on Friday evening, just for few minutes to update my blog!
Then, I didn't do anything to it, until on Saturday evening, around 5.51pm, I want to play game, so I turned my lovely-bunny-lollipoppy laptop... it did turned on (as the blue light turned on n fan working), but the screen STAYS BLACK!!!

Huhuhu~~~ there is really really NOTHING I can do about it. 
Will send it over to Acer centre soon! (still under warranty). Huh... my laptop need to stay overnight at that place once again! >.<|||

I have tried to search for the solution about this matter in the web. 
I found out that, a lot of laptop users have faced the same problem as mine!

I've tried out few solution suggested but it seems not working for me at all!!!
Guess I'm just unlucky eh!


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IMAfiq said...

huhuhu....maybe because you never do i right???

Emilly Amisa said...

huaaaa.... i dont knw >.< leave it 4 da expert :P

IMAfiq said...

hahaha....just simple....just run computer defragmentation once in a while, dcheck for errors etc etc

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