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This is the first picture of UNIMAS bridge across the lake. I took it about two years ago (around 2009). I took this picture in the evening, while I was jogging. I stopped for a while and took picture. 

UNIMAS lake is a very nice place to gather with your friends and feed the fishes. A lot of fish lived in this lake. I used to hang-out at the bridge with Aby after dinner during my first year in UNIMAS, and we fed fish there, chit chat and listen to other people's gossips.

But today is a different story...

Me and Aby have a walk across the bridge just to get to the bazaar - that is at the other side of the bridge. I was busy taking pictures of the lake and the small island in the middle of the lake. The atmosphere was as blissful as usual, with wind blew softly.

But like I wrote before, today is a different story. At the other side of the bridge end, we saw a group of students gathered. I wondered why. I just ignored them. We headed to the bazaar. There, I met one of my old friend, and she immediately asked me, whether I know about the latest story. Well, I know nothing. She, with a seriously look in her eyes, told me about someone committed suicide around afternoon today... at the very bridge that I've just walked across, that I've just taken photos of! 

It was a shocking story to me. Really! Chill surround me at the time she told me. Hairs on my hands also stand. I could say nothing. Unfortunately, the victim was someone that I know. Though I don't really know him that much, but at least I know who he was. 

What a sad story to know in a very nice evening. I only can hope that he rest in peace. May God save his soul. God bless his soul always. Amen.

And, when I arrived home, I suddenly remembered about the pictures I've taken at the lake this evening. I deleted all of it without any hesitation. I then go online to only see grieving of his close friends. I stumbled upon one of his friend's sharing on one of his posting in his blog.

Then, something suddenly pop-up in my mind - that how much we need to take care of our own mental health. Untangled those tangled problems in our head. Just let it go through a very good channel. Hm.. then I am sure to appreciate the course I'm taking now. The more I learned about brain and mental state, the more I appreciate life and will absolutely free my mind away from problems and tackle it in a good way.


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