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Hi there Nuffnangers!

Another thing you can add in your site is banner. It is okay with Nuffnang. Even, you can click it yourself, but once a day. Because, the same IP address that click many time is counted as one click!

How to do it?

1. Click here: 

2. Then, click here:

3. After that, create your new account:

4. Fill your information, and follow the next instruction! It's easy.

5. And then, after your registration is finished, go to HB affiliate:

6. Get your code:

7. Copy the code that you want (either horizontally, vertically, square or text links):

8. Then, paste it to your site! That's easy!

Have a nice day to all!

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Hi! Komen le... Entri I memang dlm BI tp korang bleh komen dlm Malay pun :)

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