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Eve & Nolee

My family

Aby & Erin

Family & Farah

Aby <3
Those cards are scanned. 
Given by my friends, family n someone special :D
Just wanna make u guys knw that I keep all the cards all along~
Check out for your cards!

Farah & Adiba


Audrey & Martin A.


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6 biji gula2:

IMAfiq said...

nice...give me ur address & i will send u 1 too

Emilly Amisa said...

haha seriously? :D
better be serious ar...
i want a card/postcard too~ :P

IMAfiq said...

im serious....i already give to some of my friends

fara liyana said...

im speechless... tq so much darl..
miss u dear.. huhu~

Emilly Amisa said...

Afiq: huhu... ok, gv u my add soon :) then i expect a card/ postcard frm u XD haha

Farah: hee~ X3 u r so welcome...

IMAfiq said...


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