about Not so sweet anymore

A toxic friend is like chewing gum.
It's fun to chew and taste good too.
After few minutes like that, it is not so sweet anymore, right? 

And we spit it out. 
And we leave it.
And it stick on someone's shoe.

It's no more useful.
It's no more blissful.

It's not our fault.
It's them.

Because the chewing gum is not so sweet anymore!

For me, a good friend is like cotton candy.
Always taste sweet.
From the beginning till the end.

So please, be the cotton candy friend.
Give smile, not pride.
Give truth, no lies.
Give help, not ask for it.

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2 biji gula2:

IMAfiq said...

i hope we both can be like 1

Emilly Amisa said...

huhu... cotton candy or chewing gum? :D

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