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Long time no write...
Huhu... I was busy with assignments lately.
All the due date was on next month!
How am I suppose to survive!

I can't even think straight~

Anyway, I do have lots of things to share here, only that I don't have the time.
As we all may know, a big earthquake hit Japan few days ago.
That unfortunately (but was expected) created tsunamis that hit few other countries.
We are lucky then. Thanks to God.
Let us all pray for Japan.

Well, when I think about this incident, it makes me recall of the prediction of the doomsday, 2012.
Is it starting to happen? Is this the sign?

Personally, I have no idea of what to think about this matter.
I don't really believe the prediction. Someone maybe wrong. Or me...
However, it is up to you of what you want to think.
What I'm sure is, on that year, especially by the end of the year, chaos will happen.

Whether the day will really come or not, who knows.

Positively, I just move on. Let us all move on.
We never know what will really happen on that very day, until the day come!
I keep on doing my assignments, playing with my cat and new puppies, eat what I want...
Just like that; as if the end will never come.

Because when it comes, what are you going to do?

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IMAfiq said...

dont believe those predictions....they already done lots of predictions before & never did happened....i know cause i read some articles shows that this is not the 1st prediction

anyhow, just live your life the way you one can know when the 'doomsday' really going to happened...cheers

Emilly Amisa said...

like this!

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