Long time No C

Quite a long time since I didn't update oh...
Hee~ I was 'busy' lately...
Busy doing nothing...
It's study week dy, but I take 4 days to REST!


Next week is my final exam for this semester...
I hope for the BEST!
Hope, REALLY REALLY HOPE that I'll get better result than last semester.
Since, I'm SOOO happy with my last semester result,
I'm AIMING more this semester~~~~


A Very Good Luck to Me!


Then, I realized that my follower no. increases~
Tho a bit slow 


But I don't mind~
I can't force people to follow~

Thanks to all my followers~
Sometimes, you guys did bring new readers to my page!
Arigatou gozaimasu ne~


Oh ya, during my 4 days rest, I've taken quite a lot of pictures...
Some of them will be put in this blog

Emm... to those who put your comments in my chatbox~
Thx ya~
U guys r really cute~
To Afiq, coz u request about my 1st blog~
I'm so sorry, coz I've deleted it a long time ago...


My 1st blog was full of 
controversial, sensitive to some people especially
my so-called enemy
and quite personal~
 That's y I need to delete it!


2 biji gula2:

IMAfiq said...

owhhh....its ok....hehe

anyway, goodluck for your incoming smart & a little hard...hehe....all the best

Emilly Amisa said...

yay~~~ thanx to Afiq~ :D

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