Day 1

We have only have one company to visit on the 1st day, MIMOS. Unfortunately, it was cancelled on the very last minute by the company. We already arrived there, they could tell us EARLIER! Reason: unknown. It was a bit disappointing for us since we have come that far away to visit them. That's not the big deal anyway. Sad thing is, we are students from the ONLY course in Malaysia, that we have MIMOS in our faculty itself.

So, we just left the company and move on to our unofficial, unplanned visit to Pusat Sains. And what I think about MIMOS? I'm not going to even try my luck to get employ there.

Ok, here are some pictures I've taken around MIMOS, at Pusat Sains and at Dataran Merdeka (for leisure).


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IMAfiq said...

& whats with the sad face??? not cool at all

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Hi! Komen le... Entri I memang dlm BI tp korang bleh komen dlm Malay pun :)

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