KK trip Day 2

Today, move on!
Walk2 around town till feet sore!
Grab some food and souvenirs too~

Map taken using camera from laptop~ LOL

Shameless pose~
Free ride to 1Borneo~ Gonna check this out tomorrow!
Shuttle bus schedule

Peace~ :D
 I bought pearl earrings here...
Pasar Kraftangan
Lunch time. Purposely wanna use the RM20 voucher.

We ate as much as we could just to exceed the RM20. LOL~
But when we're at the counter to pay, the total price is only RM30.47.
B4 that, I add myself the price is suppose to be RM40++
So, after the RM20 voucher + privilege card, all we need to pay is only RM10.45!
I looked at the receipt and all the sushi on the belt is RM2!
==" if only I know earlier~~~

Ginger Soda & Ice Honey Lemon Tea

Sushi make Aby happy

Ice cold green tea! Great for the hot day~ :D


Wasabi made me cry :'(

Yasai tempura

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