KK trip Day 3

Target today is 1Borneo.
Hm... I haven't go here b4.
Since it's my birthday today, I must go there!

And I did!

Waiting for the shuttle bus to 1Borneo

Pic was taken from inside the bus


Arrive at 1B

Dragons at both side of info counter

Balls of light


Side dish

I don't know what is the significant of these

Large pink rabbit

Aby tried to disguise

The shuttle bus is for hotel guest and tourist only.
Ticket for the free shuttle bus. Warisan Square/Likas Square <-> 1B

The free ride to 1B was satisfying :P
Who doesn't like free stuff???
Becoz at 1st I was thinking about taking a cab to go there~~~

Anyway, conclusion for 1B is..... Okay!
It's my opinion tho...
Many places for food and shopping.

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2 biji gula2:

ken said...

quite a nice & easy trip..
happy birthday :)

Emilly Amisa said...

yeap~ easy as long as its free :D LOL~ thanx!

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