Trip Part 1

Have U ever visited Sarawak before?
Ur visit isn't complete if u haven't visit Sarawak Cultural Village.
This was taken on my trip with my bf, earlier this year.

Here U can find houses built by Orang Ulu, Bidayauh, Iban and Melanau - as well as Chinese and Malay.
Also the location of the Rainforest World Music Festival every July.

Aby at the entrance

Woman statue. Symbol of fertility.

Man statue. Symbol of bravery.

Me on Melanau's bamboo bridge.

'Ruai' at Iban's longhouse.

Iban's basket.

Wood sculpture.


Some symbolic wood sculpture, I guess.

Nice design.

In Iban, they called this mask 'Indai Lagau' or ghost.

Another interesting wood sculpture.

Some traditional equipment for tattooing.

A lot of school children hv their trip too.

Mask on the stone.

Aunty is making kuih sepit

They are singing. Quite nice.

Malay's pelamin.

Traditional Malay's house kitchen.

Bahulu and kuih sepit. I managed to buy the last chocolate bahulu

Great 'gasing' game.

Aby in front of Chinese house.

Sarawak Cultural Village
Address: Sarawak Cultural Village, Pantai Damai, Santubong, P.O.Box 2632, 93752 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Phone: (6082) 846 411

Entrance Fee:
RM 60.00 (Adult)
RM 30.00 (Child : 6-12 years old)
Free for Children aged under 6.
 *RM25 for Malaysian. They for our IC as confirmation last time.

Opening hours:
9AM - 5.15PM daily
There are two Cultural Shows per day:
11.30AM - 12.15PM
4PM - 4.4PM

**Fee may varied now.

All pictures are property of
None of it should be taken or republished without written notice to its owner.

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