Last Sunday, me and my boyfie went to Parkson, The Spring to shop for jeans. Crazy sale was on - well, obviously for coming Hari Raya. He wanted to get a new jeans for himself that is NOT a daddy's jeans as he used to wear.

At first, we browsed at the Jeep corner. Unfortunately, no dark colour. Not necessary black but at least dark blue. So, we looked at the B.U.M corner. And yes, they have it. He chose the basic dark blue jeans. He tried it out first, and took a pic for me to see b4 we both agree.

After that, is my turn! :D I don't really feel like buying jeans at that time. So, I simply grab a Jeep short with size 6, and try it out in the fitting room. Quite a cool short, but I didn't took a pic for it. Then, I thought of getting a skinny jeans for myself from Toms Girl. Also, dark blue. Well, it's my 2nd pairs of skinny jeans.

We're going to wear our new jeans for tomorrow day out! :D
Gonna watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

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Kiki's Land said...

nice :)...i had many skinny jeans but i guess been long time never wear jeans already..

Emilly Amisa said...

lol~~~ y not? skinny jeans rili does make girls look cute :)

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