Hi all! :D
It's been a long time I didn't update. Huhu... are you disappointed that I didn't update regularly?
I'm disappointed to of myself. Sorry for my absent. Well, I'm taking a break and going away to settle some money matters.

What kind of money matters? Well, a secret. All I can say is that I'm making money! XD
Sad when I think of it, but to be frank, I love money! Don't worry, coz I'm the one who's controlling the money.
Okay, I hope U all misses me so much so that I can stick around longer.
Moneylicious day everyone!
Bcoz tomorrow is Hari Raya.

Ok, bye!

4 biji gula2:

Muhammad Afiq Bin Alias said...

preparing to recieve or give money???
anyway, selamat hari raya to you come for a visit at my place...haha

& nice blog...super duper awesome

pinky_liscious said...

amboi..leh la bg wit raya kn...hehe..

Emilly Amisa said...

@Muhammad Afiq Bin Alias heee..... ive jz got my hand on this broadband T.T hee... ur place is so farrrrrr~~~~

Emilly Amisa said...

@pinky_liscious xde duit~ xde duit~ :P

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