My own Japanese Chocolate Cake

Hi all! :D
Today I baked a cake following a recipe from one of my mum's magazine. Well, not entirely following it, I made some adjustment myself. XD

Flour and caster sugar.


Dough all mixed up.

Ta-daa~ but the cake is missing something.

That's right. It need some white chocolate on top. Yum~ XD

Japanese chocolate cake ready. XD yum~
Anyone want a slice? :D

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4 biji gula2:

Lady Diana @ Lat'z said...

Waahh..i like chocolate cake...nyam..nyam.....

Muhammad Afiq Bin Alias said...

awesome...got somee more for me???

Emilly Amisa said...

@Lady Diana @ Lat'z i pun like chocolate cake~~~~ >.< huhu... br bleh menyibuk kat cni...

Emilly Amisa said...

@Muhammad Afiq Bin Alias heee.... *burp* hbs dh :D

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