Sporting Parents

Huhhhhhh~ >.<

Today was extremely tiring! Me, my parents and Aby went to paint the house for rent. Just wanna make a new look for it. Since it's gonna make money soon :P

BTW, thanks to my sporting parents that willing to spend time doing this kinda works. Not many parents wanna involve in such works.

But I believe, your parents are nice and sporting too, dear readers.

Press see more below to continue reading ya, this is a long entry :)

mum busy~

dad drilling on the wall~

Me, busy taking pic and help a bit :P
Fun tho~~~
Then, ice-cream break~

Ohya, do you all realize that I've change the print on the pic footer?
Yeah~ it's new.
Made it using photoshop. Purposely to be a proved for my original pics.

And, my followers keep increasing each hour. Thanks to Anif Abdullah's segment. Hmm... but make sure we keep in touch okay.
Just like Awan Fantasia's tagline;
Aku bukan gila follower. Aku gila pengomen sahaja.
So, I also want commenter, for what rants I've posted or any photos I've shared.

BTW, I really have no time to sort all the blogs that I've followed. Promise gonna sort them soon, you all... so that interesting and ACTIVE blogs will be displayed on my blogroll.

After this, maybe some of my posts will be auto-posted AGAIN.

Tired~ wanna sleep early. Ok, bye!

Don't forget to comment! Thanx :D

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4 biji gula2:

pinky_liscious said...

patut la senyap sunyi jew..rupanya dia ade aktiviti yg agak full la.. kesian sampai penat2.. tu yg tidok awai eh,,heheh...

Anonymous said...

err. since when my name become Awan Fantasia?

happy painting yo!

Emilly Amisa said...

@Mr.Thinker@Ali hehe.... suke nama tu :P

mana happy painting~~~ penat >.<

Emilly Amisa said...

@pinky_liscious tu la~~~~ hadoiii.... >.<

bleh patah pinggang ni :P

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