Everyone is Busy

Howdy everyone? :)

I've just had my dinner, I cooked it myself :P tang hoon (suun) in mushroom soup.

Okay, I'm not going to write about my cooking or watsoever la... I just realised that everyone is busy. Less new post each day. Wuuuuuu..... means that, less post for me to read.

I can understand that :) Me myself is busy especially the class has started. Hm... even I was thinking hard enough of what to post, when I have time to post it... For this first week, it's still okay. Starting next week, I bet I'm getting slow too.

Well, I do have ample of scheduled post I've prepared since last month. This way, it's easier for me to manage and not to let my blog getting dusty. I only have to find few minutes only to check the auto-post and reply to your comments.

I can predict that I'm going to have very very less time for going places or even to have dinner outside or to watch movie. Trying my best tho to going out and try out new food and visit new places despite of all the hustle and bustle.

Anyway good luck to all with your new semester, with your exam (SPM, PMR) :D

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