My Unlucky Day

Monday, 19th September 2011.

Heavy storm shook the building.

Ceiling melting cause of rain. - asbestos

Flood near lecture hall. O.o

Large drain become river. View from car.

That is not all =.=
Photos above was taken at the end of the day.
The whole day was actually a curse for me!
Firstly, I have one big major disaster~~~~
It's too bad that I won't mention it here~
Secondly, my new flats peel off from the base!

Dem! I wore it only twice!!
Duhh.... it's not that expensive but still, I have to pay using RM50 note + some RM.
Anyway, I don't have to wear the same colour flats as someone that I anti in my class :P
Thanx to that tho!

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