Busy Mode is Turn ON

Lets get busy everybody!

My Everyday Plan:

* go to class
* do revision
* do assignment
* sleep not later than 11pm
* wake up not later than 7am, EVERYDAY
* go for long walk every weekend
* earn money a lot and study hard at the same time
* play game a LOT too!
* eat a LOT
* Live to the FULLEST

I only live ONCE!

5 biji gula2:

pinky_liscious said...

seronoknya idup dia...yg paling suka *eat a LOT tu..hehehe

Muhammad Afiq Bin Alias said...


everytime i opened your blog, i think you kind of cute the way you need to get thinner

Emilly Amisa said...

@pinky_liscious mmg >.< EAT a lot jew la..... hahaha

Emilly Amisa said...

@Muhammad Afiq Bin Alias waahhhhhhh >.< i know im cute LOL..... but rili need to get thinner :P

Muhammad Afiq Bin Alias said...

i dont think you should...i think you are amazing just the way you are now

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