Spicy Rice Cake

I cook when I'm nice.

Anyway, this is my spicy rice cake :D
Watch a TV show last time, about this recipe.
Emmmm~~~ yummy!

*Cooking is one of my hidden talent XP*

Soak the rice cakes with plain water in a container. Do this for 12 hours. Make sure you close the container for hygienic purpose :D

After approximately 12 hours of soaking, discard the remaining water. Toss the rice cakes dry. Prepare the paste. Use a small bowl (rice bowl), pour chili paste, few pinches of black pepper, a little of salt or sugar as you desire. 

Put 3tbs of cooking oil into the wok. Then, heat the paste. When small bubbles start to come out, put the rice cakes. Cook until the paste mixed up with all the rice cakes. Tadaa~~~ you'll get your spicy rice cakes!

You could try to cook the black rice cake using soy sauce. 

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