Xmas Mood in Sibu

It's been a very long time since I last updating this blog. Well, I've been busy lately... and, lazy.
Anyway, a lot of things going on with my life this year that I can't sum it all in here. The thing is, it is really happening!

As I, no longer a Kuchingite - now, a Sibu-an - living my ever-changing life. Month by month living off the paycheck. Not happy at all. Not the lifestyle I imagine myself into.

Someday, will move on to another lifestyle, where I'm the one giving out the paychecks! :P

And, 2013 is almost come to its end - and I do realize that this year ends kinda fast or is it because of too much changing happen to me (my life, precisely) that makes me feel like it? Duhh, maybe both.
For the upcoming Xmas, that is next week Wednesday, I'm going back to Kuching. Heaven yeah!

As I jingling the bells in Kuching next week, I'll left the Meow City earlier as I thought - before it even hit New Year 2014. Feels a little bit taken aback. Oh, well here are some early Xmas treats for U all.

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