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My simple breakfast today~ :3
I love cereal for breakfast. -who is with me?-

But I don't mind to have such simple breakfast. For example as today, I have this 'keropok ikan' and tea only.
Haha~ I love tea! -above is Lipton-
Sometimes, I simply skip breakfast ==" Well, it's not a good thing to do since breakfast is essential to start your day.

Anyway, I then take a light lunch. As long as no rice. Huh... I have to keep track on my diet. If not... you wouldn't believe it when you see the fat me! xo
Then, dinner is depend on my mood. Importantly, must eat dinner b4 8pm... Seldom take dinner la actually. But when my stomach growl like crazy, I will munch on something. Huhu...

Have good food for a good life!
My bro said to me last time, "Eat all the food, if not you will regret it when you die"


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