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hiya There all Emilys~~~ :D
I'm Emily too... but with double L.. Thus, mine is Emilly.

I have many friends with the same name as me (but Emily) and I found out that, it's quite a popular name for girls and making it quite a common name...

Anyway, I still love my name! Like you all did! Thanks to my mum who give this name to me...

A lil' bit of story here, when I was a kid (forgot how old I am that time), I used to get mad at my name becoz I have that double L. Haha...I told my mum that I dislike my name becoz people always spell it Emily instead of Emilly (which it suppose to be), and that I need to remind people that my name has an extra L when they have to write my name. And at that time, I thought my name was so different from other Emily that I sometimes purposely write it without that extra L! lol!

But then, I grow up to like my name more than ever! Though it is still uncommon for Emilly (with the double L), -even the computer will underline Emilly with red as if it was wrongly spell- I personally feel that Emilly is unique! Bravo to Emily and Emilly!

Here is a little bit of information on this popular name (of mine haha!):-

Origin of the name Emily:

English cognate of the Latin Aemilia, which is from Aemilius, an old Roman family name probably derived from aemulus (trying to equal or excel, rival).

The girl name Emilly is pronounced EHMIYL-iy †. Emilly is of Latin origin and it is used mainly in English. Emilly is a spelling variant of the English Emily.

Emilly is uncommon as a baby girl name. It is not in the top 1000 names. Out of the family of girl names directly related to Emilly, Emily was the most frequently used in 2009.(see, I've told you!)
Emily in song, story & screen:
Emily Elizabeth in Clifford, The Big Red Dog "The Americanization of Emily," 1964 film starring Julie Andrews "See Emily Play," song by Pink Floyd "For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her," song by Simon & Garfunkel "Emily," song by Bowling For Soup "Emily," From First to Last "Emily of Deep Valley," book by Maud Hart Lovelace "Emily of New Moon" (and others) books by L.M. Montgomery "Look Through My Window" book by Jean Little Miss Emily, character on "The Waltons" Emily Bowen Quartermaine, a character on the soap opera ''General Hospital'' Emily Webb in "Our Town" Emily Rose "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" Emily in "Thomas the Tank Engine" Emily Eyefinger, a book about a girl with an eye on her finger Emily the Strange, cartoon character and merchandising mascot.
All images are property and copyright of their respected owners and creators. does not claim any. All images are for informational purposes only.

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