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today~ 18/02/2011... so many things happen. I don't know what about today~~ huhu
At 1st, I was just goin out having dinner with my Bf at Dalight food court. Then, otw back, far inside the deep drain along the road, I saw something floating on the water. I tot it was a bird or duck... then, I tot to myself, takkanlah duck?! 

when the car get nearer, I knw it was a dog, a puppy (quite big one). He was swimming helplessly looking for more flat surface to climb up. But how? It's a deep drain with concrete the whole way long!

So, me and my bf stop somewhere near the shop that nearest to the drain. My bf then try to pull the doggy out, as it already put half his paws and body up. I bet that he swam along the drain and for so long... that he is so damn exhausted and cold!!!

I really pity him. Then, we brought him back. We tot of giving him away to SSPCA, but then the place is close for the day. What a day... now, he is at my home, waiting for the rite time to find him a home or at least, a place to stay; without deep drain anywhere!

Anyway, what makes me feel bad here is, is there really no other fellow human being saw this b4?

then, we saw a white myvi car crashed onto a hilux, at the roundabout. wow it's a great moment tho... know why? Becoz I have bad experienced with white myvi. A lot. =="

But not stop until that, my mom sms me at nite, telling me dat my bro hp and camera had been stolen while he was camping at Matang family park. I don't know how he 'let' it happen or who is dat pathetic thief... haiz...

why today is so weird? a lot of weird stuff happen to people around me... for the things happened to me, maybe there is a meaning behind it... but what?

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