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Hello everyone! Peace!

After a very stressful and yet a very weird day, I now feel quite tranquil. Why? Because I've submitted one of our group assignment! Yeah~ bravo to all my group members!

Actually, I don't know the exact date of the submission because there are few of my friends asking me about that, especially when they saw me holding the report paper and otw to the office. 

Anyway, I hope the bad day will go away faster. I don't even dare to think of anything for now. Making any speculation is not a choice and is immoral.

Only can wish for more happy day! :D much I need something less difficult and less complex for this moment! 

I know, it's easy saying than doing and not even waiting for it to happen!

Listening to a good song is one of the best ways! Well, for now, I still prefer Operator the Line is Dead by Jason Lo. It suit my situation, I guess. Since for now, deep inside of me, I feel that the phone line between me and God is 'dead'

Then, I was so sick of backstabber! I know there is someone who stab me from behind. Why I say so? Well, he chase away my friend.

Suddenly, I've lost one of my friend. If that so, I will ignore the friend too. If she is not that stupid to listen to what he has to say about me, if only she knows me more, if only she believe how strong our friendship are. IF.......only she knows the truth

I'd rather play my childhood game...than to think about all these kind of matter! Brick game!

"Oh operator, the line is dead"

Ok, chow! Wanna spread some LOVE!
Lo, lo, lo... ve!

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*poker face*

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