Karma anyone?

Today is the Neuro day. If you know what I mean, then you know. If you don't, then you simply don't. No explaining for this, hehehe...

Anyway, do you guys believe in karma? It's mean the action or deed. In Hinduism, it's the action you take that could influence your next reincarnation.

But the thing is, people always referring karma to a punishment that you will get when you've done bad thing. Actually, it's also referring to good return for your good deed.

I personally believe in karma thingy. Why I believe in karma is a secret matter. What I'm trying to tell here is, karma does happen. If you believe 'what goes around, comes around' then it's the same as karma. It's just the same to any religion, that believe good deeds will get good things in return... and vice versa.

So, just try to be a good person as much as you could (like I did huhu). Good things will sure happen to you in any form.

Try and see for yourselves :D

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