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Hi~ did you realized that I've updated my blog? This cute background is from TCBOTB, click on the icon on the top left corner of this blog. Can you see it?

It's been few days, I think, since my last update. Well, I've done with my first paper for final exam and 2nd paper will be next week. A torturing week, I suppose. However, I can't really feel the torture! Maybe I didn't study too hard. Hmm...

My point for today is, about black magic. How many of you here actually believe on this stuff? I'm sure there are some of you that doesn't believe this kinda thing. Well, I understand if you don't believe it, because I'm one of the non-belieber believer too... until recently... O.o

Hmm... As a Christian, (as well as other religions) I don't believe in black magic though I've heard a lot about it from people around me and even happened to my relatives. Yes, I'm concern of them, when they said they're sick or not well because of the black magic cast upon them by someone who envy them.

Then, what am I trying to tell about 'recently'?

Recently, I fall sick (really sick, and this was posted in my older post). As a non-believer of black magic, I have zero thought that someone have cast something bad on me. I continue taking pills and meds from doctor. And of course, it doesn't have effect.

Eventually, I recovered...but not fully. I have headache, trouble sleeping and problem breathing. So, without my acknowledge, my mum seek help from the so-called bomoh (but this bomoh only help to cure people, even give advice on ur real disease ex: hi blood pressure). =="

And she found out that... someone that I know, (but I don't know who exactly) is envious of me and do something bad on me to make me drop out from Uni. I only know the description of that someone, but I still don't know who. What I know is, it is based on envy and that someone is a friend of mine. (gender of that person is confidential)

Now, I was aware of everyone. Especially anyone who was in my class, in my faculty. When I think it over, I never am a top student ==" (my result is my pride :D), my family isn't rich (but we live happily)... I'm just no one. I can understand it if I get Deanlist each sems. XD

...and, that's all for today. (applause)

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IMAfiq said...

why does people feels envy about others??? its not that we actually stole their bf/gf or what so ever right?? must people be jealous of others happiness???

anywhay, get well soon...dont want you to be sick too

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