Day 4

Second last day! :D At this day, I was so happy because the next day is the last day of LI.
It was fun in KL with all my course mates but I still want to go back and enjoy my hibernation holiday. Well, it's 4 month holidays!!! 

Ok, we visited Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) at KLIA. We split into 3 groups and I was in the 2nd group. We need to split into smaller group to get into the tallest control tower in the world. May I say, 'U only fly on a plane, I have been in the tower maybe looking at your plane'. While in the tower, we see how the employee do their work. One tiny mistake could bring major disaster. Hm... risky job but worth the money $$$.

Then, we went to Sg. Buloh Prison. an interesting visit, I must say.
For leisure, we supposed to go to One Utama, but then it was a bit late and everyone was hungry so we went to grab dinner somewhere and go back to UTM.

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