Day 5

Final visit to two last companies! We visited Malaysian  Genomic Resource Centre (MGRC). Their motto is 'The Signature Office' while our faculty motto is 'The Signature Faculty'. And best thing is, their company is the best suit to our multidisciplinary studies! :D At last, we've found the best match for our future career. Their company have many roots from linguistics to AI, programming, and neuroscience. We studied all that! Making their work culture doesn't offend us much. Plus, the company situated in the middle of KL largest shopping mall, Megamall. Where could you find more suitable place to work and leisure at the same place?

Second company is...not really a company. Hm.. it's located in UTM international campus, Center of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIRO). But they are more focusing on the AI part, while UTM Johor is more to the robotics part. Well, AI suits us better.

Then, we don't have leisure since that night, we went for steamboat at Flaming Steamboat Buffet. The price was ok, RM25 per pax if I'm not mistaken. My table-mates and I proudly finished all the food we took.

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