Me and Facebook

Anyone here who doesn't have a Facebook account? I bet you all have. Well, I can't recall of when I started using it. What I remember, I was invited by my friend, Jacob to join this social site. At that time, we were chatting through MSN. He was quite good at persuasion, I guess, that the next day I sign up for Facebook. 

I've connected to many of my school friends, college friends and now, campus friends. I dare to say that Facebook used to be 70% of my life ==" Gosh~ yeah I know. Whenever I have spared second, you will surely notice that I'm Facebooking. Well, I have a good explanation for that. I was addicted to Mafia Wars game at that time. And it's like a pandemic, spread so fast and infecting so badly to all my colleagues! Omg~~~

Anyway, I was retired from being a 'mafia' leader since early 2010 :P Since then, I reduce my time Facebooking to half. Sometimes, I just temporarily deactivate my account for no reason. As I grew older (but still look young), I don't really waste my time playing games. Now, I blog! :D

I use my FB account to share my blog posting. I spare my precious time to write postings, scheduled it, share it and make money! How great isn't it? Plus, now I have Twitter too! Oh well, I guess I still can't really separate my self from FB - Home for my web browser is FB! XD

Jyaa~ matta!

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