Cotton Candy

When I was young, I always thought that cloud really taste like cotton candy. They look pretty the same. Fluffy and soft.

Whenever I have my cotton candy, I'm the most happy I think. Like a little girl receiving a teddy bear in the Christmas morning. How innocent.

Wherever I go, I will look for it. When I see an old man with balls of cotton candy wrap with airtight clear bag, it's only the matter of buying it or not. Usually, I can't resist it.

I feel a bit shy to buy cotton candy in the public at my age, though I know it's not a crime. But still, it's not a cool thing to do if I buy it myself.

Still, cotton candy with blue colour is my top favourite, followed by pink, white and purple. And it even tastes better when my BF bought it for me.

But now, I rarely have my cotton candy. I'm aware of its hi-sugar contained - of course, it's made from sugar. If I do have one, I'll eat it bit by bit, saving it for at least 2 days.

Now, I have new favourite that at least I'm less shy of buying it. Cake! But, like cotton candy, I need to control my cake intake too~ :D

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