2nd yr 2nd sem

Guess today I'll be staying home again...just like yesterday, yesterday yesterday and the day b4... Hm.. I woke up so early, mad about some people who can't speak their mother's tongue or even father's tongue. Next time I'll be blogging about this but I'm sure many people will get offended and belasah me. Omg~ I can't wait! It seems exciting~~~ XD

Oh well, this summer holiday really rust me up. Wonder if my brain get rusty too. But I bet it is. :P Anyway, I finally manage to get my result for last sem. As I promise, I'll put it up here... 

My GPA is disappointing anyway, as it's almost the same as the 1st sem. My CGPA is confidential :P All I can say is, I prefer my 1st sem's CGPA. Yeah, as U finally able to guess, my result drop a bit...(what r u laughing at?!) And I hope I could drag it UP HIGH again this sem. I HATE the up-down moment of my result but I juz can't HELP it since there is SOMEONE who is so JEALOUS of me!

I'm worth to be JEALOUS of?! I guess...

Err... I don't mind of EXTENDING my study for another 1 year. As long as I can finish up all the PELENGKAP that I haven't take - that I should have take THIS sem! Pelengkap really does help, A LOT!  

I was MAD at ME! #@%$^!@#$%!

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