Kuching Festival 2011

Me and my boyfie went to Kuching Festival at MBKS. (31/07/2011)
At first, we went to Kuching waterfront.
I thought it was held there.
I called my bro and confirmed with him the exact place.
Haiya~~~ it was at MBKS.

Sarawak River Cruise. RM65/adult. The honk was so loud.

And it cruise away

When we reached the right place, the road was jammed!
Wow~ so many Kuching-sian going there.
From Kuching city

To Kuching city

Seats are always full.

Nice siew mai~~~ and friendly uncle :D

Many food stalls and places to eat.
It was crowded and the seats are rarely empty.

Hungry people waiting for food!

Thailand food. We thought of getting something to eat there but seeing the crowd also waiting for their food juz stop us.

After that we went to The Spring.
And we visited the Contemporary Art Exhibition.
This was done by a Unimas student, using 3D rendering.

Wau as the theme of The Spring this time.

I don't know what event this is~ LOL

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Maxloon120 said...

I miss Kuch Festival, 2 years without it sob sob.. Hahah :D

Emilly Amisa said...

haha~ ur a kuchingnite izit? :)

Gourmet Sausage said...

Do visit us - Gourmet Sausage at Kuching food festival 2011 ! We're just located beside the Tiger Beer Stall.

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