Movie Day

Date with boyfie!
We both wore the new jeans~ LOL! :P
Aby changing his shoe.

Wott wooottt~ we didn't expect we'll wear the same colour shirt.

We went to Kluang Station for lunch.

Kitchen inside.

Barley and lime juice for hot day.

Simple and comfy.

Pasta with chicken balls. My food arrived first.

Aby can't wait for his food.

Ayam masak merah. Spicy and really nice! Thumbs up!

Set with ayam masak merah.

Kluang Station.

Posing after meal~ LOL

Suddenly got boat from nowhere in the middle of the shopping mall.

Now showing movies!

Me and Caesar the intelligent chimp.

Yeap! We watched this. U?
 Some unforgettable lines:
Will: I'm ur father.
Caesar: No!!!!!
Jacobs: You make history, I make money.

My summary: Touching movie. I almost cry seeing those chimps!

Aby also wanna pose.

On the way back, suddenly got kayaks racing... lol~
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