New Appearance

I think it's time to change my blog appearance. Hmm... Any suggestion? My idea is, a simple, nice and lightweight blog. Gonna work it out.

Maybe you never seen this pic b4. Well, it's my 1st header for this blog, if I'm not mistaken.

Have any suggestion? Drop me a comment, then.

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Kendra Bing said...

Go as simple and lightweight as possible. Put importance on content. It's a value that many visitors appreciate.


Emilly Amisa said...

yeah~~~ thanx 4 da suggestion! :D

Lady Diana @ Lat'z said...

emi..i don't have any suggestion bcoz i'am a new blogger..i done my blog & create all the things in my blog by blogwalking..get ideas when see others blog..(^.^)

Emilly Amisa said...

:D it's ok lady diana :) i also start like dat last time.... huhu... but now, i think i prefer simple blog~~~ do gv more comments ya.... anythg u like to say

Nava.K said...

Yeh, have to agree with Kendra Bing, its the content which adds value and you do have it, go for what you think is best.

Emilly Amisa said...

Thanx Nava K. :) i agree with all of u. trying to put the important things only and discard the extra..

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