Day 1 - Your Favorite Song

Hello! :D

Honestly this is a tough first challenge. Hee...since I listened to many kinds of song. I don't actually fix to one genre. Anyway, for this challenge I'll pick one that has been in my playlist for a long long time........................
Tadaaaa(with drum roll)....

It's Lemon Tree by Fools Garden XD

Why I like it so much? Heee.... I also wonder. But it has been my favorite song since I was a kid. Even my brother, Zeck loves it too! We sing the song together with one of our closest cousin, Mark. And usually, Mark will be our victim to sing the song. Hehe... he has awesome voice though.

Until now, it still plays in my playlist :D

Do you like this song too? Do comment; I would like to know.

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