Day 22 – A Letter to Someone Who has Hurt You Recently

Dear M,

I was disappointed with you. For all this time you're my role model. You r the first guy who talk to me in class. I admired your friendship with A.

But I never thought that you will dislike me. R you mad that I stole your best-buddy? I never stopped A to be-friend with you. It hurts my heart when I heard from my own friends in HRD told me that you wished me to break-up with A. I wondered why. Why? Why? And why? I told A about this and he DID NOT believe me at all! Because he HAS FAITH in you! So, I put a little more HOPE that my friend was wrong.

Until the last moment, A still put FAITH in you. Almost a year passes. You keep pulling me down. You make fun of me, of how I'm fatter than your girlfriend. You tricked me so that I look bad in front of people. You make them believe that I'm that bad for A. What is wrong with you? People keep walking away from me. And I know how happy you are that time.

The worst thing is, you never disgrace me in front of A. Why? Because you only wanna get rid of me aren't you? You want me to back-off. You want me to give up. You know A won't believe me.

Things are not always on your side. Since your friends are mine too. They started to tell me bit by bit of what you're thinking of me since second year. Even sometimes you make mistake, you blow your own cover. But what I did? I did not disgrace you immediately, I want you to open your eyes. Unfortunately, you're not.

What I HATE the most about you is, the fact that you know me well. You know my weaknesses. You know that I'm 'talkative'. You used my 'talkativeness' to trap me. You used it to show that I'm a big-mouth person. I realised that you purposely tell me about your girlfriend's friends, that they refuse to pay your service. At the other story, I heard that they told me that you did not give discount for them. I know how tricky you are!

I know how GOOD you are in using people. I know you don't have religion. But it's not an excuse for you to be bad. Since your facebook religious view once stated that you believe in good and evil. So, you are which one?

Sincerely, E.

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