Day 23 – Your Dream Wedding

Maybe not in this short time but I do have my dream wedding. Who doesn’t?

The wedding should be simple but a memorable one. Guests are only close friends and family. Small number of guests not only to keep lower budget but to keep it simple with less hassle and bustle. More people only lead to more trouble.

The historic event should take place outdoor; beach will be best as I really love beaches, but garden wedding is not that bad. Wink to my bf. >.<

For my big day, I wanna wear traditional white wedding gown but until knee length. Since, I’m not that tall (huhu) this is a creative way to look gorgeous. Plus, it’s my wedding, so it’s my way. If possible, the groom also wear traditional tux but short pants :D

Hehe.... but it’s only a dream wedding. Anyway, it’s free to dream and you can ‘edit’ it anytime.

Happy dreaming. Happy Friday everyone.

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