Day 4 - Your Favorite Photograph of Your best Friend

Best friend is usually someone that U always thought to be beside U at most time. So I choose Jiji, my cat XD

Honestly, I don't feel that I'm friendly enough. I'm picky too - that I have a small circle of friends.

This pic of my cat represent the closest friends that I have now. Importantly, the friends that could leave a space for the loner me. Since, I sometimes love to be alone.

In short, a best friend is someone who knows to persuade me when he/she needs me - but not practically 'using' me. In the same time, willing to be 'use' by me when I feel like it. Just like Jiji :D

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Hi! Komen le... Entri I memang dlm BI tp korang bleh komen dlm Malay pun :)

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