Day 3 - Your Perfect First Date

Hi~ Hi~ :3

First date is suppose 2 b unforgettable but what I'm goin to write here is totally not related to my 1st date :P

From my romantic point of view, perfect 1st date for me is a surprise picnic at the beach.

The bf could bring some nice food, homecook if possible. The couple then can sit under the sun while enjoying the meal XD
Not to forget to take some memorable pics.

Night sky at the beach is the best - only if the weather is good - The lovebirds could sit 2gether under the starry nite~~~ >.< I love beach tho, and the stars too.

So, it's the perfect 1st date for me.
Wink to my bf~ :D
P/s: Don't forget to comment. Thanks :D

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