Hello Again

Hello Again!!!

It's been ages since I last popping myself here. D@mn~~~
Anyway, I'm sorry. I was busy digging a hole to hide... hahaha....

And ahh... I realize something awkward about my blog. The icon b4 the post title, it's missing... Hmm, is it because of the new style? New template? Or what? Truth is, I can't figure out the problem. I can't find the code to remove it. Anyone? :(

BTW, it's Christmas time! Okay, it's tomorrow to be exact. So, Merry Christmas to those celebrating it and Happy New Year 2013 to everyone! 

This is the Xmas tree for this year :D

And this is Jiji as my Xmas present :P

p/s: How did you all handle the 21st Dec 'craziness'? I'm a skeptic after all...

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Hi! Komen le... Entri I memang dlm BI tp korang bleh komen dlm Malay pun :)

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