New Year 2013


It's New Year 2013.
Still not too late to wish... 

Happy New Year 2013!

Anyway, I have a lot that I wanna pursue... or do... this year. It's a never-ending tasks since previous years. Hahaha...

Btw, this year is rather special to me. I, personally like this year and favour it much more than 2012. Well, I need a good kick-start but it's not impossible.

Why I like this year better? (though #13 is not a good number, as some paranoid says):
  1.  It's the year of snake. And becoz it's snake year, it remind me of my fav manga -NARUTO-
  2.  Becoz last year is just not my lucky year D':
  3.  Friday the 13th occurs only twice this year; on Sept & Dec.

And why it reminds me of my fav manga?
  •  Becoz, snake is the trademark of one of the antagonist in the manga -Orochimaru. And I love that character. Rather than seeing Orochimaru as an antagonist, I see him as a charming, captivating and charismatic character. Hm... thus, snake resembles him very well. *wink wink*

So, why year 2012 is not my lucky year, you ask?
  •  No camera, please... (means that I don't want to reveal anything)

Some of my wishes was granted last year, and some just need a lil' more time... Hopefully I can fulfill this wishlist of mine.
And to all of you out there, I hope you have a prosperous new year too.


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