Snap and Away

Hi! Today I'm being a good girl, I stay at home. Lol~

Anyway, because of that I snap some pictures to shoo away the boring-ness - using my boyfie's Sony Cybershot DSC-T900.

The red sticker wasn't originally there. It's from a visit to Cat Museum.

Oyeah~ This is my 1st wireless mouse from CLiPtec. Sadly, it consume too much batteries power! LOL~ I hv to change the batteries every month. Hmm..... or I'm using it too frequently? Who knows the real problem?

My phone, Nk E72 that I bought early this year.

Jiji sleeping last night with a very outrageous pose. Haha~ *purr*

My new addiction. Ball-joint doll. This one is quite small, the medium sized. The nearest one named Megumi, the other one at the back is Michiko.

See...my family portrait. :D LOL~ for those who doesn't know whose pic that is, it's my fav anime Naruto. And yeah, the 'No Sins' ceramic cat was bought at Cat Museum.

**Ohya, did you guys realize that there are few links on this post? :)

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